Saturday, 31 July 2010

Cheeky Ping Re-wen-ge!

So today Pong was fast asleep and looked totally adorable with his paws all tucked in. Since Pong had snatched a tasty piece of banana flake from me last night and didn't share it I thought that I'd use this opportunity to get my own back.

So I climbed on top of him and....

...left him a present! He he look how silly he looks now!

When Pong had woken up and realised what I had done he wasn't best pleased at all. I'm pulling my innocent face but I'm fooling no-one!

Ping X

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Happy 100th post!!!!

To celebrate our 100th post Ping and Pong suggested that we have a fantastic party.

Here are Ping and Pong preparing the dancing area.

And of course party hats were mandatory but Ping didn't want to wear one.

Ping soon forgot about wearing the hat after the nibbles were brought out. Hmmm sunflower seed our favourite!

Here we are having a good ol boogie to some disco classics.

Ping just loves to sing and the party was a perfect time to showoff his squeak squeak harmonies!